Branding brings results,

together we can prove it.

We made an important decision here at Purple Metrics in the past few days: to halt sales of the current product – and for a great reason.

Scroll down and we'll tell you a bit more.

Who trusts Purple Metrics

We are temporarily halting sales of Purple Metrics.

And for a great reason. Our team is very excited about what we are building – a new product that makes more sense for the current market, integrates better with other marketing data, and is even more aligned with our vision of proving the results of branding.

As the sales and growth team was missing in the development of this new product, we decided to focus to optimize.

So, Purple continues to run with active clients, but we won't have new brands coming on board for now.

This news might be disappointing for you, especially if you're eager to prove your brand's results. The upside is that this way, the new product will be released much faster

So, we're going to ask you to wait just a little bit

If you're interested in learning more, please leave your name on the list

Purple Metrics in the Press

Even as markets become more competitive, with a consumer-driven economy and Branding becoming increasingly important, this discipline would never be in the most strategic place for data-driven companies if we couldn't have the best metrics. On the other hand, these companies lose the emotional side of consumers if they only delve into direct channel attribution and short-term return data.

Purple is born from the mix of data with creativity, from the mix of blue with red. It arises from many companies that have the desire to have a stronger brand, and branding in a more strategic place in decision-making.

Branding brings results. And together we can prove it.

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