Have proof
that branding

drives results to
your business

Purple Metrics listens to your consumers every day and gives you the best insights weekly about how your branding activations impact consumer's behavior.

Who measures branding performance with Purple Metrics:

Agility in marketing management

Track your brand performance in weekly insights
Our dashboard shows the complete history of information and valuable insights, such as Brand Score, Brand Dimensions and Attributes to guide your next branding actions.

Every conversion is part rational and part emotional.

Understand how brand perception and buying behavior are connected.

Find out which feelings are connected with your consumers' buying behavior and plan your next branding actions on solid data.

Compare the segments

Audiences are segmented and not everyone sees your brand the same way.
Get insights on how to tailor your strategy for each unique audience.

We run surveys with your consumers and potential clients with short interactions at the main touchpoints of the journey. This allows you to compare the brand results of different segments and get the best insights.

Our customers use
Purple Metrics insights to:

Know the impact of your branding actions on the perception of your consumers. Better understand the impact of sponsorships, persuasion campaigns, new launches and others.


See in this case how Banco Bmg used Purple Metrics to prove that sponsoring football teams brought results for the brand.

Get the best metrics to prove the impact of branding and thus better distribute your team and your budget – and even approve larger budgets and projects. You can even connect these metrics to your goals and OKRs. 


Check here how to define branding OKRs based on Purple Metrics

Supplement your brand tracking insights with Purple Metrics weekly insights to make short-term decisions.


Check here how Banco Bmg used Purple Metrics to complement annual brand tracking insights

We already know that branding and performance give more results together. With the right brand metrics, you can better understand the impact of your actions and how this contributes to improvements in performance results.

Any other way to explore brand metrics with your team came to mind? Let's talk and create a business case together!

Turn insights into
action plans

We know how hard it is to manage branding in a business. Our team of experts will help you with meetings, workshops and shareable reports to turn insights into action plans.

How to generate branding metrics with Purple Metrics


Install the widget on your web pages and send the survey link to your base.


Track your
customers' answers
every day


Access the dashboard with recurring insights and plan the next marketing actions

We help you track the effects of branding and retention actions
This is where we measure your brand

Data for better brand management

I want to know more about Purple Metrics.

Purple Metrics is the recurring branding measurement software for marketing teams to visualize the results of their brand.

Here's how it works: brands install the Purple survey on their own channels or send it out to their databases. Based on the responses, algorithms generate metrics on brand sentiment, declared behavior, and perceived attributes.

Blip, Conta Azul, Daki, Nuvemshop, Linx and other clients love Purple Metrics for its actionable insights, to monitor results and make regular business and marketing action decisions.

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